Jeep Safari Private Group Tours

Your Group, Your Adventure

Exclusive Offer

Welcome to an exclusive adventure with our Private Jeep Tours. Tailor-made for those seeking a personalized experience, our private tours offer the flexibility and privacy that group tours simply can’t match. Perfect for special occasions or simply making your trip to Punta Cana unforgettable, our private tours are designed just for you.

Customized Just for You


Our private Jeep tours provide a unique opportunity to customize your adventure exactly as you want it. Choose from our selection of stunning locations and decide how much time you wish to spend at each spot. Whether it’s lingering on the sandy beaches, exploring hidden caves, or soaking up the local culture, your day is yours to design. 

punta cana private group tour

Perfect for Every Occasion

Corporate Retreats and Team Building

Take your team out of the office and into the wild adventures of Punta Cana. Our private tours are perfect for corporate retreats and team-building activities, providing a fun and engaging environment to foster teamwork and morale.

Special Celebrations

From milestone birthdays to bachelor or bachelorette parties, our tours add an adventurous twist to any celebration. Let us know the occasion, and we’ll help make it extraordinary with customized touches like decorative balloons, special themes, and more.

Anniversaries and Romantic Getaways

Celebrate your anniversary or plan a romantic getaway with a tour that’s as unique as your relationship. We can arrange for romantic surprises, scenic spots for intimate moments, and even a photographer to capture your special day.

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Enhanced with Personal Touches


Our team is committed to making your private tour truly special. We go the extra mile to arrange everything from number balloons for milestone birthdays to assistance with planning romantic surprises. Photography services can also be arranged to ensure that every memorable moment is captured.

Exclusive Offer

Booking Your Tour

To book your private Jeep tour in Punta Cana or to learn more about how we can customize the day for you, please reach out to us via the contact information on our contact page. We offer quotes based on your preferences and requirements, ensuring your experience is perfectly tailored to your needs.